KUDO polyurethane tees for industrial hoses

Polyurethane Y-pieces for exhaust ventilation hoses. Highly resistant to abrasive materials. It can be freely combined with KUDO reducers, thanks to which you can easily achieve the desired diameter at any outlet, e.g. 80Z / 60W reducer connected with an 80/80/80 mm tee forms an 80/80/60 element.

Advantages of the KUDO joining system:

  • joining without using clamps
  • made of high-quality polyurethane, long product life
  • quick and easy replacement – just screw in the hose
  • good flexibility of the material and thus resistance to mechanical damage


80 – 100 mm

Technical parameters
Code Name Our hose fi (mm) Tip Drawing
W1-TY-80/80/80 Y TEE KUDO – PUR 80/80/80 80/80/80 See