KUDO polyurethane reducers for industrial hoses

On the one hand, KUDO reducers have an internal thread for a hose, and on the other hand, an external thread compatible with any other element of the KUDO system of a given diameter, e.g. using a tee 80/80/80 and a 50W / 80Z reducer, the tee can be reduced on 50/80/80. All system reducers and connectors are compatible with PUR, PVC and San-top hoses from our offer.

Advantages of the KUDO joining system:

  • joining without using clamps
  • made of high-quality polyurethane, long product life
  • quick and easy replacement – just screw in the hose
  • good flexibility of the material and thus resistance to mechanical damage


40 – 80 mm
For the transport of media:
    odporny chemicznie chemical resistant
    odporny na hydrolizę resistant to hydrolysis
    ściśliwy osiowo axial compressible
    elastyczność flexibility *****
    odporność termiczna thermal resistance -5 to +70°C
    długości handlowe trading lengths 10 m

    Technical parameters

    Code Name Our hose fi (mm) Tip Drawing
    W1-RD-80Z / 40W KUDO REDUCER – PUR 80 (OUT) / 40 (IN) 40 See
    W1-RD-80Z / 50W KUDO REDUCER – PUR 80 (EXT) / 50 (INT) 50 See
    W1-RD-80Z / 60W KUDO REDUCER – PUR 80 (EXT) / 60 (INT) 60 See
    W1-RD-80Z / 70W KUDO REDUCER – PUR 80 (EXT) / 70 (INT) 70 See
    W1-RD-100Z / 80W KUDO REDUCER – PUR 100 (EXT) / 80 (INT) 80 See