PUR polyurethane hoses

In this category you will find flexible transfer and extraction hoses made of wear‑resistant polyurethane (PUR) intended mainly for the transport of materials causing high abrasion, e.g. sawdust, powders, granules in extraction and feeding systems, as well as release of gaseous media and liquids.

Węże poliuretanowe PUR

PUR hoses offered

NameIntended useTemperature
resistance [°C]
Flammability class
(acc. to UL94)
resistance [Ω]
ColorResistance to hydrolysis
and microbes
and attestations
PUR MBtransfer of loose abrasives-30 ÷ +90V-II~109transparent copper-plated spring wire
PUR ELpotentially
explosive areas
-30 ÷ +80~103black Atest
copper-plated spring wire
PUR TMwork at elevated
-30 ÷ +110V-II~109transparent copper-plated spring wire
PUR AGtransmission
of hydrolysis media
-30 ÷ +80V-II~109transparent copper-plated spring wire
PUR SPcontact with food-30 ÷ +90V-II~109transparent Atest
stainless wire
PUR SPMcontact with food-30 ÷ +90V-II~109transparent Atest
copper-plated spring wire
PUR UNflame retardant-30 ÷ +80V-0~109white copper-plated spring wire

*Atest GIG – attestation issued by the Central Mining Institute
**Atest PZH – Health Quality Certificate. PUR SP hoses meet the requirements of EU Directive 2002/72 / EC, Regulation PE 1935/2004 regarding organoleptic features and global migration for model fluids A, B, C. Attention! Do not use for tranmission of fats.