Metal hoses

Flexible metal suction hoses made of galvanized and stainless steel, in accordance with the requirements of the ATEX directive, with very high mechanical and thermal resistance, intended for extracting gaseous media at high temperatures and for transporting loose materials causing high abrasion.

Metal hoses

Offered types of metal hoses

NameWall materialProfile sealingFlexibilityTemperature
resistance [°C]
Range of diameters
Metal hose type Agalvanized steelnone
do +50018÷337
Metal hose type Bgalvanized steelsilicone line
do +30018÷337
Metal hose type B1galvanized steelfiberglass rope
do +50018÷337
Metal hose type Cstainless steelnone
do +65050÷337
Metal hose type Dstainless steelsilicone line
do +30050÷337
Metal hose type D1stainless steelfiberglass rope
do +65050÷337

Tolerance for the parameters contained in this catalog is about 5%. All parameters apply for room temperature. To discharge static electricity, ground the spiral. It is possible to make a hose with a non‑standard diameter (not included in the basic offer) on a special request. The standard lengths of the hoses are measured while maximum extension. In case of cutting metal hoses, ends must be secured against unwinding (by welding, for example). Polygonal construction of the hose doesn’t provide 100% tightness.